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Anne & Jim
July 21, 2001

For ease of understanding, here's who's who:

John A. Mac Lean married to Elizabeth (Betty) (Jim's parents)
Five children:
Louise--with Peter
Elizabeth (Liz) married to Mark.  Three children:  Kristen, Michael, Sara
John (Johnny)
James (Jim) married to Anne
Robert (Bobby) married to Barbara

Thomas E. Donohue married to Elizabeth (Anne's parents)
Three children
Mary married to Padraic
John--with Julie
Anne married to Jim

Mary Runkel, sister to Elizabeth Donohue (Aunt Mary)
Two children:
Martha married to Seth.  One child:  Ethan

Friends in attendance:
Jim Irvine
Julie & Greg Lysinger
Sandra & Tim Mitchell
Joe Parr (wife Sue (who introduced us!) couldn't make it, but loaned Anne a beautiful bracelet for her "something borrowed")

So, here are some pictures:

 The bride  Bobby & Barbara  Mac Lean family
 The happy couple  Barbara  Martha enjoying champagne
 Donohue family  Bobby & Jim Irvine  Mary, Martha, and Ethan
 Jim & his parents  Bobby & Johnny  Anne & Jim with Jim's parents
 Anne & her parents  Bobby  John and Betty Mac Lean
 Couple & parents  Cute couple  John and Betty Mac Lean again
 Exchanging rings  John, Sr. and his daughters  Mother Mac Lean with her sons
 Flowers  Daisy Ladies  The munchkins
 Anne & Jim  Donohues again  Bobby's napkin trick
 Anne & Jim again  The happy bride  Jim, his nieces, and his father
 Getting ready to make a toast  John & Julie Jim, Anne, Louise, Kristen, and   Sara
 The actual toast  Julie & Greg  Jim's nieces, Kristen and Sara
 Michael & Uncle Jim  Anne & Jim with Sandra and Tim  Sara and her grandma
 Cousin Ethan Anne & Jim with Joe (whose   wife, Sue, introduced us) The table flowers (done by Anne's sister Mary and her friend Julie)
 Ethan dancing  Kristen & her grandpa  Sara and her grandma being goofy
 Aunt Mary  Liz & Mark  Sara and her grandparents
 Ethan & his grandma  Liz & Michael  The reception room